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The Thermit® Rail Welding Process has established itself as the reliable means of in situ welding over many decades.



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We have partnered with with Tracksure Ltd from the UK to introduce an Advanced Bolt Fastening System which is readily adapted to many rail related applications.  For further information, please click here        



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About us

Thermit® supplies Aluminothermic Welding Consumables, Glued Insulated Rail Joints, On-Site Insulated Rail Joints, Track Lubrication Equipment & Services, Track Geometry Recording Equipment & Services, Grinding Services, Accreditation, Process Conversion Training and Technical Support to the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian marketplace.

As a member of the worldwide Goldschmidt-Thermit Group of Companies, Thermit® Australia Pty Ltd has been able to benefit from the innovative strength of companies on every continent.

Operating as Thermit® Australia Pty Ltd since 1986 our product and services range has expanded to include Welder Training (Standard & Crane Rail), Welder Auditing Services and Specialist Welding Operations. Development is currently underway to introduce a range of Track Measurement Products and Lubrication Equipment to assist local railways in achieving continuously welded rail of a high operating standard.



Momentum has been working closely with Thermit® since 2001 and our relationship continues to grow. Over the years our company has grown from strength to strength and we have become more reliant on our suppliers to deliver quality and service that is equal to or exceeds our own high standards.

In addition to Crane Rail, SmW-F and SkV-F processes, we now extensively using the Elite I (single use tin crucible) and the Elite II (single use environmental crucible) welding processes.

There are a number of benefits from moving to the Elite process including competitive pricing, reduced equipment costs (hardware can be used for a range of rail sizes and there is less equipment to carry on our trucks), increase in productivity as the process is fast with minimal defects, the flexibility of 2 or 3 piece mould units and all pre-heating equipment is BOC, therefore spare parts are cheap to source and readily available.

Not only do Thermit® supply us with welding kits and consumables they also provide unparalleled levels of training and technical support, including telephone and on-site assistance. As a fast paced and dynamic company we have found this level of customer service to be a significant benefit and allow us to maintain a competitive edge over our competition.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Thermit® and the Elite welding process to any company or contractor that requires reliable and defect free welding kits that are competitively priced with the highest levels of customer service and support.

Andrew Latimer
Operations Manager – Rail Infrastructure Momentum Rail

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CR Rail is a contracting company with clients and projects operating throughout Australia. Our focus is to provide the highest level of workmanship and support to our customers with a particular focus on getting the job done right, first time while ensuring the safety of all workers. By using Thermit's® welding kits we are able to guarantee a level or workmanship and reliability to our customers by ensuring all contracts will be finished in specified timeframes while maintain commercial viability.

Over the years we have utilised the full range of Thermit® welding process including the latest technology – The Elite I (single use tin crucible) and The Elite II (single use environmental crucible) welding processes. With tighter budgets and more competition it is important to know that whatever welding system we use, it needs to be fast , reliable and defect free. The new Elite welding process gives us all of these advantages along with technical support and on-site assistance to ensure all our jobs finish on time and within budget.

With the business growing and diversifying it is good to know we can reply on Thermit® to provide the necessary skills and knowledge transfer when and where we need it. We would not hesitate in recommending Thermit® and The Elite welding process to any company or contractor.

Jason Lang
CR Rail – Manager


KiwiRail has had a successful supplier relationship with Thermit® Australia Pty Ltd over the past four years.During this period KiwiRail has purchased approximately 32,000 Weld Kits from Thermit®. The majority of these have been supplied FID to KiwiRail's inventory store in Wellington. New Zealand.

Thermit® has been proactive on a number of fronts like improving the labelling and modifying the packaging, both changed following discussions with KiwiRail. Thermit® has also provided good technical and training service that has assisted in the training of KiwiRail and New Zealand based rail contractor staff.

Thermit® have worked well with KiwiRail to cope with un-forecast demand for Weld Kits and often short notice shipments of product to back fill KiwiRail's own inventory holdings.

With the assistance of Thermit® we have been able to receive quality products from Thermit® in Australia in a timely manner.

KiwiRail looks forward to building a long tern relationship with Thermit®.

Chris Paice
Logistics & Production Contract Manager, KiwiRail