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Thermit Australia is the Goldschmidt Group Company responsible for supporting the Oceania and South East Asia regions. As a fully owned subsidiary of the Goldschmidt Group, Thermit Australia shares in the 120 year history of the Group, and is well supported by the innovation and collaborative spirit of over 20 Goldschmidt Group companies around the world.

Thermit Australia has been in operation for over 60 years and our name is synonymous with aluminothermic welding and glued insulated joint supply in the region. Operating from sites just outside of Sydney in NSW and Brisbane in QLD, Thermit Australia is well situated to partner with the local railway industry.

In addition to the 120 year success story of the Thermit® welding process, Thermit Australia has over 20 years history of glued insulated joint supply in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. More recently, through the global network of the Goldschmidt Group, Thermit Australia has formed important partnerships with suppliers of other related track products such as the PowerLines Third Rail system, Rail Safety Solutions’ magnetic barrier fencing, and Sheer Speed UK’s range of tents and shelters. This, coupled with the Group’s internal developments and partnerships, has increased the portfolio of Thermit Australia’s products to enable us to reliably supply a broader range of quality products to the railways and contractors in the region.

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