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Thermit Australia has long been associated with the supply of aluminothermic welding consumables in Australia and New Zealand. Founded under the banner of Humes Limited in 1952, Thermit Australia became a member of the Goldschmidt Group in 1986.

Since that time the product range and market territories of Thermit Australia have expanded. Products sold now include factory or field assembled Glued Insulated Rail Joints, a range of track equipment associated with welding (rail shears, profile grinders), trackside lubrication plant, measuring equipment, magnetic safety barriers and more.

Since the 1990’s Thermit Australia has increased its market presence by expanding into South East Asia. In these markets Thermit Australia now has a well-established presence and is known for its supply of quality German and Australian produced railway products. Thermit Australian products are qualified against well-known Australian, European and American standards. An impressive resume including supply to major contracts in eight countries in the region demonstrate that the Thermit Australia product is well regarded.

In recent times agreements have been established which see Thermit Australia represent PowerLines Ltd for the supply of conductor rail and overhead line products, and A. Rawie GmbH & Co. the German buffer stop supplier, in some of the countries of these regions.

With professional service and quality products, the future for Thermit Australia remains bright.


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